Things Not Seen is a radio show and a podcast.

Each week we bring you a rich conversation about culture and faith. 

Faith is complex. It takes many forms. It is more than just church practice or personal spirituality. It involves honest questioning, struggle, and even doubt.

Things Not Seen explores lived faith.  

Our guests, and our listeners, navigate political, corporate, personal, and religious worlds. Sometimes, faith and culture come into conflict. We dig deep into those moments.

Our guests confront challenges of faith and culture in unusual and compelling ways.

One week, a minister might discuss what it means to be a young woman leading a church. The next week, we might hear an astrophysicist, telliing how she weaves faith into her work.

Things Not Seen is about questions and answers, with faith as our focus. Every week, it is a fantastic conversation. Please join us.

Things Not Seen is available nationally to public radio stations through PRX - the Public Radio Exchange.

Things Not Seen is available nationally to commercial radio stations through the Salem Communications Network.

Our podcast is distributed to all major outlets through the Liberated Syndication platform.