#1621 - Rabbi in the Whirlwind: Niles Elliot Goldstein

Our guest, Rabbi Niles Goldstein, is the author of ten books. His new book, Eight Questions of Faith: Biblical Challenges that Guide and Ground Our Lives, is part memoir and part scriptural investigation.

The book uses eight questions found in the Bible to explore the human journey from cradle to grave, confronting such important existential experiences and themes as mortality, responsibility, forbidden knowledge, sin, and the afterlife. By interweaving texts from the Bible, commentaries, philosophy, psychology, and literature with his own experiences, Goldstein also meditates on midlife.

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#1619 - Educating for Dignity and Opportunity: Glenn Wilke

The Midtown Educational Foundation has been helping low-income students in Chicago graduate from high school and enter college since 1965 through a series of summer and after-school programs. This week we speak with Glenn Wilke, Midtown's executive director, about the blessings he has seen in his many years with the program.

Midtown Educational Foundation is a Chicago success story, and has helped over 22,000 students gain the support and skills they need to make it through college. 

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#1620 - The Faithful Futility: Mark Osler

Mark Osler's journey has led him from a career as a fierce prosecutor, to now arguing for clemency and leniency in sentencing. He also works to abolish the death penalty. We talk about this transformation, as well as his new book, Prosecuting Jesus.

In our conversation, Osler talks about being a prosecutor in an era of "mandatory minimum sentences." He would watch defense attorneys make impassioned arguments, even though the words would not lessen the sentence that would be imposed. Despite their seeming futility, Osler credits those passionate speeches with changing his own mind about the criminal justice system, and his role in it.

We go to the heart of the importance of that "faithful futility" in this compelling and fascinating interview.

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#1407 - Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf [REBROADCAST]

We revisit our 2014 interview with the challenging and engaging Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

For some, he is a lightning rod. For others, he is an international voice of reason and reconciliation. For us, a fascinating conversation about the face of Islam in contemporary international politics, and the vital need for hospitality and honest conversation between Islam and the west. We present David Dault's in-depth conversation with Imam Rauf, where we discuss misconceptions about Islam and the core of religious identity.

In 2015, Imam Rauf released his most recent book, Defining Islamic Statehood.

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#1618 - The Liturgical Archipelago: Jonathan Meiburg

Jonathan Meiburg is a musician who writes and records with the band Shearwater. He also has traveled to the remote ends of the earth to explore wildlife and landscapes few humans have seen. In this wide ranging conversation, we talk about the human moment - a mere blink in geologic history - and why we work so hard to create meaning in the midst of the wilderness we live in.

Meiburg was raised as an Episcopalian, and is candid about the moment he felt himself fall away from his childhood faith. But that does not mean he has turned his back on miracle and mystery, as our conversation unfolds.

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